Boring techy question about torrent trouble…

…that may have a billion different reasons.

Earlier today, my computer died and I had no option but to do a full reformat.. Cheers

Anyways, Im in the middle of getting everything back together and have re-installed utorrent (the new build 1.8)
I grabbed a few random torrents from different places I frequent and have started them (to check my connection)

Anyways, Im getting really sh1tty speeds on them, some of which have over 80 or so seeders, Ive got the green tick at the bottom, Im showing as “connectable” here and on CG and Ive been through a port forwardng process that seemed to go to plan.

Now I know speeds fluctuate all the time, so it might just be the time of day but I just wondering if theres any reason that somethings that were around 100-150 kbs earlier today are now 0.1-10kbs

There might be loads of reasons, but maybe theres something vital that ive missed.
Any help would be good groovy.

Cap your up/down at 80-90% of the actual line limit. And check your “# of connections” settings (global and per torrent). Got it sorted, but thanks lots for your help

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