Dacia loses the chance to become a better car. Sad decision for the Romanians

Dacia might not improve than it is today as a result of a choice taken within the Renault-Mercedes partnership. The German maker has actually revealed that it will certainly take out from this partnership.

Renault as well as Dacia autos have actually just acquired from the Mercedes partnership, yet the producer has actually had even more to shed, however, for factors of the business’s abnormalities and also corruption.

In concept, Daimler is not mosting likely to restore the collaboration with the Renault – Nissan partnership, as the future large CEO, Ola Kallenius, has various other objectives.

Why Daimler takes out from the collaboration with Renault – Nissan

Kallenius will certainly take control of Daimler’s management from May 2019, as well as this will certainly assist the business to conserve concerning 6 billion euros over the following 2 years in the Mercedes department as well as one more 2 billion euros to Daimler Trucks (the vehicle supplier).

That is why Dacia can shed the chance to “obtain” with Renault a lot more German modern technology from Mercedes, as occurred with the current Duster variation.

Also Dieter Zetsche is the one that has actually selected Ola Kallenius his follower as CEO, so it is particular that he will certainly be the brand-new leader of the German business.

Industrialism has actually currently made us familiar with the reality that with the arrival of a brand-new manager in any type of area, you can take all the best with the old accidents, also if they were useful. Romanians have experience from this factor of sight, so you will certainly have to anticipate a brand-new cap of Dacia automobiles.

Exactly how did Dacia come to be a much better cars and truck many thanks to Mercedes
This go back from Daimler/ Mercedes comes as an outcome of interior abnormalities along with surface services that even worse worsened the financial scenario of the financial team.

In the United States, the Mercedes plant has actually made some 30,000 versions with digital system troubles and also is likewise dealing with manufacturing hold-ups. Just these troubles triggered him losses of regarding 2 billion euros, in addition to others.

Presently, the collaboration with Renault – Nissan, which started in 2010, consists of numerous joint tasks, amongst which one of the most essential was the growth of brand-new engines.

Dacia likewise took advantage of this task, which is why today, the Romanian business carries its SUV one of the most effective engine ever before implemented – the 130 TC as well as 150 horse power engine on the brand-new Dacia Duster.

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