Difference between file extension and media-info-identified-format

I am not sure whether this question belongs here (technical), or in customs and excise. If it is in the wrong spot, then let me know and I’ll make a new entry for this in the other forum.

I have 3 tv movies to upload, but with all three of them, the extension on the actual filename is flv. When I look at the mediainfo for them, the format is identified as avi, mp4, and mp4. Also, in all of the mediainfos, there is a FileExtension_Invalid entry. (also I don’t know where I got these files from originally).

I will include the mediainfo (after the questions) for all 3 files in case there is anything in there that will help answer my questions.

My questions are:
1. Is it a problem that the format identified in mediainfo is different to the filename extension?
2. Is this one of those situations that counts as a transcode?
3. If they are ok to upload, then am I supposed to change the file extensions before uploading?

It can be a problem for some users / players, since they will potentially try to play the videos assuming the extension is correct, and possibly complaining that they are damaged (since they won’t process correctly as Flash Video files). For example, if they actually have a Flash Video player installed on their computer, double-clicking on one of them would ask it to play the file, and since they aren’t in FLV format, that player would likely not be able to. If they are loaded manually into a multi-player that checks the contents instead of assuming what is in the file based on the extension, they should play, though.

It would be best to have the files renamed so they have the expected extensions (.avi, .mp4, .mp4 in the order you listed them), just so people don’t think they are Flash files or have troubles getting them to play. The only reason not to change the extension would be if you are still seeding them at some other site and don’t know how to rename the files while still doing that.

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