Elon Musk launched a rap song about Harambe

No, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke. Elon Musk has really launched a rap track on the tragically-killed gorilla ‘Harambe’ that came to be a preferred meme later.

“RIP Harambe/Sipping on some Bombay/We on our means to heaven/Amen, Amen,” raps Elon Musk in an autotuned voice. “RIP Harambe/Smoking on some strong/In the gorilla zoo/And we considering you.”

While Musk did not state much concerning the track in the statement tweet, nonetheless, later, he composed, “I’m let down that my document tag stopped working.”

He submitted the autotuned rap track on SoundCloud this weekend break under an imaginary rap tag “Emo G” (the name is regrettable also for a phony tag) and also thinks maybe his “finest job” to day.

The track is a eulogy to the gorilla, as well as it envisions what Harambe would certainly be doing currently if he were still to life. After it was published on Saturday, the track has actually been streamed over 758,000 times at the time of composing.

It’s a two-minute track homage to Harambe, the gorilla that was slained in the Cincinnati Zoo after it dragged a three-year-old kid that climbed up right into his cell in 2016.

On Saturday, he tweeted a duck emoji with no message. This certain tweet obtained over 21,000 retweets as well as 182,000 sort for no factor.

In one more lot of tweets from Saturday and also Sunday, Elon Musk appeared to take part in some type of competitors via emojis.

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