How Online Movie Sites Like 123movies Could Point To The Future

As time progresses the old practices in most fields get displaced by better ways of doing things. The old order must always yield to the new and it would be only a matter of time and more importantly technology that it does so. In a domain like streaming online movies the use of technology by sites like 123movies point to a fast demise of old habits of going to the movies along with family or friends.

How sites like 123movies are changing old habits in society

It used to be an accepted habit or an old way to visit the movies with the entire family in tow.  This could be a weekly or at times a monthly activity with most families and especially with young children among them.  These outing were more or less high points of the old days when social outlets were not that many.

With the new reality that each member of the family is having at least a smart phone or a tablet, this age old custom has started to die out in most societies.  It really is debatable as to what is more proper or what is more right.  This is more a point of view and every person is entitled to their views no matter what. And often changing social habits point to the acceptance of changes in our lives that occur with our concurrence or not.

The advantages of embracing the technology

The better equipped person would tend to have a head start to those that are less fortunate and in many ways the changes in society that did see the adoption of more advanced technology has been this need to stay ahead.  Thus changes that primarily occurred in our work places spilled into the family and social lives as well.  It cannot be said that this phenomenon was intentional or planned but a natural corollary at best.

What was a spillover effect at the start led to developments that focused on these aspects after sometime and the broad lines that separated the work places from leisure time were blurred.  This feature of the technology could lead to a society that is tuned to take advantages of the imminent changes in the coming future but to a lot of people caught up in the transition, the whole concept of changing social more can be very distressing.

There is never telling for sure whether there is a real advantage to the new dispensation.  But in the past people have managed to control and handle changes to ensure that it did not exceed the limits that are expected of the use of technology and it is the better system that would prevail in the long run.

Where the changes would be headed

Right now, the changes that have been imposed on society have been drastic yet in such a small time frame that it really is not possible to make a comment on the long term effects. More time would allow for a maturing of both the people as well as the technology to present something that is friendlier to use.

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