How To Install The RAM In The Computer

No amount of stress can be laid on the importance of the RAM in most computers.  It is a part of the computer that simply cannot be played by any other system and for any computing system or platform to perform well, the RAM must be working true to form as well.

The effect of static charges on the RAM

If a particular attention is paid to the packaging of the RAM chip, it would be evident that sufficient care is taken to keep it free from dust and more important to keep it free from static charges.  At times certain manufacturers do have the whole set of lugs all connected and grounded to prevent any build of static electric charges.

The very delicate innards of a typical RAM chip would cause it to be damaged if certain voltage differences were to be built up across the chips add it is this need to keep the chip free of static charges that is being paid heed to at most times.

Unpacking a RAM chip from its package

The very act of unpacking a RAM chip is crucial to the functioning of the chip.  Care must be taken to keep minimal physical contact with the chip body and particularly with the lugs that form the connections.  If it is noticed that the legs of the chips are indeed shorted by a thin wire as can be in some cases as an abundant caution, then this wire must be cut and removed as delicately as possible just before the very insertion into the chip holder.

Since the entire chip comes packed completely covered, there is little chances of dust being found on them. At all times, care must be exercised to keep the chip clean add free of dust.

Inserting the RAM chip into the holder

There would be locks at the ends of a chip holder that needs to be opened up fully to accommodate in a chip.  Once the chip is inserted in and completely pushed in, then the locks must be closed and locked into place.  This would prevent the further movement in the terminals and ensure a snug fit as possible.

Testing the RAM chip

There is no other way to test out a RAM chip than to just turn on the computer.  In case there is a faulty boot up, then it is only proper that the insertion of the RAM chip is repeated after powering off the system.  Also, after you finished testing your new RAM chip you can check out 123movies watch online and relax for a while.

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