My Opinion Before Game of Thrones Latest Episode

What does this mean? I watched Lost and I only remember the storytelling being very non-linear. It felt like each episode was a vignette for a different character at a new point in their life, not unlike earlier GOT to be honest.

How have we been given a “gift” anyway lol

Those dudes got hella paid, we pay for HBO, HBO exists to give us entertainment. The new episodes provide 10% of the entertainment of the early seasons, imho, and that’s the beef.

I will say that it’s cool being able to engage with all kinds of people over a work of art that we’re all familiar with, but any sense of deeper meaning instilled in the story is going to be much better examined when/if the books are completed. I’m reminded of my teenage years complaining of bands selling out. This is more like the “creators” were given a gift and, like a bad drug dealer, couldn’t keep from watering it down for exposure.

Ah, the modern-day version of “I don’t own a tv”.

Also, I watched the episodes without being on Putlocker during, have read all the books more than once, am an amateur creative writer myself (i’m not good), and I… still don’t like this season. It’s just bad writing.

(Also, this isn’t the first time now I’ve heard someone defend Dany’s abrupt about-face by saying she’s meant to be a subversion of the white savior trope, but that doesn’t really make sense here; other than Dorne, Westeros seems to be pretty much entirely white people, at least in the show; this isn’t a white person trying and failing to save black & brown people (she already did that in Essos, except she didn’t fail, she ended slavery and killed all the slavers), this is just white-on-white crime)

I have disliked this season, particularly the most recent episode for many of the reasons mentioned in previous posts, plus some additional ones.

I also disliked how the exact same attack strategy was 1) completely unsuccessful in ep 4 and 2) completely successful in ep 5 with no logical reason behind it.

I 100% completely understand Dany going all “Mad Queen” and was fully expecting this to happen for quite some time, but I just felt it was portrayed so as to happen far to quickly and to an extreme degree. I just have a hard time accepting that she could continue destroying the city for that long and not actually think about what she was doing. Also why was she so interested in destroying the city and yet took forever to actually go to the Red Keep and kill Cersei?

I also just felt that so many of the scenes just felt super fake and over-CGI’d. I don’t remember feeling that way in Seasons 1-4 or even 5. It felt way too Michael Bay-esque for me.

Just recently got into GOT and decided I would marathon-watch it to be on time for the series finale. I’m not sure how anyone can be comfortable with the writing in the last few seasons. Once the faith militant came into play, I had my suspicions. Season 8 confirmed them: the writers are just stupid. Why wouldn’t they make the White Walker storyline, one that spans thousands of years, the main conflict in season 8?

Why a lot of things about episode three. And what they did to Daenerys in episode five is just embarrassing. Sure, they were planting seeds in the audience’s mind that she might land tails-side, but what a god awful execution. It seems like the final plot twist was to ruin the plot for the audience. Can’t get more shocking than that though.

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