New Google scandal: the company, sued for theft of technology

It’s not far from the first time Google is taken legal action against, yet this moment it’s all about a technology burglary

The accusation is quite unexpected for a business of its size. Nonetheless, the technology giant is implicated of taking modern technology from Sonos audio firm. In fact, there are two claims, in which Sonos asserts that Google would have made use of 5 of the company’s patents for its very own wise speakers. Currently, Sonos is asking for a ban on all tools that use this alleged taken innovation. These consist of not just smart audio speakers, however additionally phones and laptops.

To understand the scenario much better, little context is needed. In 2013, the two business entered into a partnership. During that time, the technology gigantic wanted its music solution, Play Songs, to be utilized on Sonos audio speakers. In order to do this, Sonos supplied him the plans for his technologies. Then they would certainly utilize the licenses to develop their very own gadgets. This is Chromecast Sound (which the business no more supplies), however likewise for its Google House and also Pixel collection.

The legal action points out various news reports that highlight resemblances in between the brand-new attributes of Silicon Valley huge products and also Sonos systems. These include audio synchronization between teams of speakers, volume adjustment at the group level, and also gadget configuration on a local wireless network.

What Google and also Sonos claim regarding the supposed burglary

Sonos likewise declares that the technology titan has actually come up with more affordable options to the items it currently offered. The audio company says it has been attempting to get to a bargain considering that 2016, just months after releasing its smart home, Google House.

“Google has ostensibly and knowingly copied our patented technology in creating its audio products,” says Sonos CEO Patrick Spence.

Obviously, Google denies allegations of technology theft.

“Over the years, we have had numerous conversations with Sonos about the intellectual property rights of both companies and we are disappointed that Sonos has launched these processes instead of continuing the negotiations in good faith. We challenge these claims and we will defend them strongly,” says the Google spokesperson.

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