The largest black hole in our galaxy: “It shouldn’t even exist”

Recently, an extraordinary discovery was made in our galaxy, the Milky Way. This is very important because it targets a black hole whose existence ought to have been difficult.

A black hole uncovered in our galaxy is so large that it restores into presence existing theories regarding the development of celebrities. The scientists behind this discovery are puzzled as to its fabulous dimension.

LB-1 is a black hole situated 15,000 light years from Earth. According to the summary in the journal Nature, where it showed up thoroughly for the first time, it has a mass 70 times larger than that of the Sun. “Black openings with such a mass must not also exist in our galaxy, according to most existing theories on star advancement,” stated Liu Jifeng, a teacher at the National Astronomical Observatory of China, that led the group that examined POUND. -1.

“We took into consideration that the very huge stars, whose chemical make-up is regular for our galaxy, need to lose most of the gas in the strong solar winds, when they come close to completion of their life,” and so leave no black holes behind Liu Jifeng stated.

As a recommendation for the uncommon dimension of the great void, the Milky Way has regarding 100 million great voids, but the LB-1 has a mass regarding twice as big as researchers’ estimates of why it ought to have been feasible. “Now, theorists will need to approve the challenge of discussing just how it developed,” Liu Jifeng included.

“In basic, black holes show up after supernova surges, yet according to present concepts, they have a mass less than 50 to 60 times that of the sunlight,” added scientist David Reitze of the California Institute of Technology, even if he was not directly involved in the exploration. “This suggests that we are handling a new sort of black hole, produced by one more physical device,” claimed David Reitze, after recognizing that LB-1 can not have been produced by a supernova, like the other great voids.

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