Two Movies that I saw Last week Reviews

The Science of Interstellar was a huge waste of time. Cannot recommend. There are plenty of other and way better documentaries out there when it comes to black holes or searching for planets like our Earth.

Watched Marketa Laratov√° just now and was honestly a bit impressed by all the nice shots and scenes. It just was a big confusing how they merged the story and how they presented it to us.

But after I read about it a little bit things got pretty clear and a lot of my assumptions and guesses proved as right. Definitely should give this a re-watch at some point. 7/10

Journey to the Edge of the Universe
Recently got back into watching a lot of space stuff (mainly because I accidentally found out about the first two black hole pictures the other day) and this one felt kind of generic.

Also the name was kind misleading. It spent way too much time in the solar system and the milky way rather than going towards the edge of the universe :c

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