Venom Movie Review and Where to Watch Online

Plot in Brief

Venom is a Sci-Fi thriller about the planned Symbiotic Life-form attack on earth. A probe from Life Foundation Bio-Engineering Corporation accidentally picks up four of the Symbiotic samples and brings them to earth (Malaysia).  One of them escapes from the ship carrying the symbiotic samples, causing a wreck. The other three reach San Francisco safely, where the Corporation head Carlton Drake plans to use them for harnessing their superhuman powers.

An investigative journalist Eddie Brock smells something fishy in the experiment. He breaks into Drake’s lab for an investigation where one of the aliens (Venom) transfers into his body. The rest of the movie is about Brock’s struggle with venom, Drake’s ambitious experiment, and the disasters that unfold due to human-alien conflicts.


Venom is not a fight between the good and the evil forces that are so common among superhero movies. It is an attempt to portray the split personality syndrome that secretly resides in every human.

Consider the character of Carlton Drake (RIZ Ahmed) in the film.  His intention is to empower humans with supernatural abilities, so they could enjoy life better and have more powers. Somewhere down the line, he falls prey to his own greed for power and turns into a villain.

Eddie Brock is an honest investigator who has a single-minded mission of exposing the sophisticated criminals to the world. He struggles through all the challenges and finally breaks into Drake’s lab for getting the critical evidence. But there he gets transformed into something he never wanted to be.

The symbiotic characters in the 123movies represent the eternal dilemma of the human mind. Constant oscillation between selfish goals and social responsibilities is portrayed in the movie brilliantly. Director Ruben Fleischer has explored the grey areas which can turn an individual into an anti-hero or a compulsive villain.

You can see many instances of such conflicts between noble ideas and selfish goals in the movie. For example, the confrontation with Drake makes Brock and his beloved Weying lose their jobs. Weying deserts Brock to secure her future, in spite of knowing his sacred mission.

The other instance is when Brock gets seduced by the Venom’s superhuman abilities and accepts to be possessed by the evil power.

The character Venom is a strange mix of an alien’s survival instinct and the humane emotional feelings. He transfers into Brock with the selfish intention of survival and devouring his vital organs. He goes to the extent of tempting Brock by conferring him with his eternal supernatural powers.

Venom starts mellowing down into adopting many of human emotions as he continues to dwell inside Brock. The conversations and the conflicts between the two illustrate these transformations clearly.  Finally, he joins Weying and Brock to protect the earth from the evils of Symbiotic creatures.

Drake has a feeling that their intentions are noble, at least at the start of the movie. But Drake gets smitten by the hunger for power and domination of the world very soon. His concept of human as a weak and susceptible being pushes him to the satanic experiments with the symbiotic creatures.

When the alien Riot transfers into Drake, he finds the body to be unfit for his dwelling. He decides to stay on by eating other living creatures’ heads and brains and without harming Drake. You simply can’t figure out why Riot is so deeply attached to Drake.

The storyline of Venom Movie flows flawlessly from the beginning to the end. Of course, there are some sequences which may confuse you. But you will eventually come to appreciate their relevance to the film’s continuity as the plot thickens. If you are searching for a pure sci-fi thriller with all the human emotional melodrama, Venom is the first choice today.

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